As the world enters the long awaited "Age of Aquarius" the new energies surround us, expanding our awareness, while challenging our intellectual thoughts about ourselves and the other "beings" living on this planet.  Our psychic abilities are beginning to become stronger, and we may have incredible dreams and visions or other unexplainable experiences.   The more "open" we become, the more aware we are of the synchronicities manifesting around us.  We  may begin to notice certain numerical patterns, like 11:11 (our pathway home) 12:12 and 444 (angels calling) - specific numbers meant to trigger our minds, to remind us who we are, and why we are here.

While some of us have "awakened" earlier than others and appear to be more spiritually aware, or more advanced, none of us really are.   Each of us is exactly where we are supposed to be, and right on schedule!  In case you haven't heard:  "We are "spiritual" beings having a "human" experience" -even though it feels like it's the other way around!

We hope you will enjoy your time visiting this website, check out my new blog, and help yourself to a free Infinite Visions Tarot Card reading below!  

Namaste, Rosaline Temple
Welcome to The Rose Light Sanctuary.  We offer workshops and information about ancient mystical healing, meditation, and "energy work"....  
The "Divine Feminine" is an energy that expresses itself in many forms. She has many faces, and appears to us as someone our consciousness will accept.  Many people  are now becoming more aware of her presence, through visions and dreams.   The "Rose" is her symbol.